None of the following are sponsors for this web site or youtube videos. I have compiled the list of resources while learning and working on automobiles over the years. The order of resources is created in random order to ensure no favoritism is given.

Real Fixes Real Fast

A Professional Mechanic that shares his experience and tips and tricks.


A leading source of factory diagnostic and repair information used by 200,000+ technicians.

VIN Decoder

A universal VIN decoder.


Auto Diagnostics and Publishing web site. They publish good YouTube training videos, teach you how to build your own test equipment, and sell unique automotive diagnostic tools.

Nissan/Infinity/Datsun Shop Manuals

Free Nissan Shop Manual PDF downloads.

Eric the Car Guy

A Professional Mechanic that shares his experience, his daily jobs, and tips and tricks.

Mig Welding

One of the many great welders on YouTube. He taught me that MIG welding is something you feel and listen to.

Honda Hook Up Forum

Free Honda Shop Manuals downloads.


They are the world’s premier supplier of automotive data. This web site contains one of my favorite articles describing waveforms. View Here

Mighty Car Mods

These guys are sorta the myth busters of car performance enhancements.

BBB Industries

Free TSBs and Wiring Diagrams PDF downloads.

Circuit Simulator

I utilize Paul Falstad's Circuit Simulator to play around with circuit designs to understand how they work.

Car Complaints

Able to view people's complaints for Year/Make/Model. You can also access Recalls and TSBs.

General TroubleShooting

A general list of troubleshooting procedures to help the DIY mechanic get going on an issue

Summit Racing

When placing an order, they will most likely have an expert available to help you purchase the proper parts.

Schrodinger's Box

A Chemical Engineer that is an advanced DIY automechanic. He really pushes the concept of not being a parts changer.

Mitchell1 DIY

A leading source of factory diagnostic and repair information for over 30,000 vehicles between 1983 to current.

James Danner

Scanner Danner's brother. He is another awesome, ethical mechanic which creates videos to share his knowledge and know-how.

Fluke 98 User's Manual

Even if you don't own a fluke, the sections describing tests and how to interprete results are very informative.

Scanner Danner Forum

Scanner Danner Forum

Auto Shop 101

Under the [Technical Articles] section, numerous PDF files can be downloaded with great automotive mechanic content.

South Main Auto Repair

A professional mechanic that teaches you how things are actually done.

Engineering Explained

A Mechanical Engineer with a passion for cars. My favorite video is the one discussing the difference between Horsepower and Torque.

Ford Tech Makuloco

An ex-Ford mechanic with professional explanations and fix it procedures.

Scanner Danner YouTube

A Professional Mechanic and Instructor at Rosedale Tech in Pittsburg, PA.

EE Video Blog

An off-the-cuff Video Blog about Electronics Engineering, for engineers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, hackers and Makers

Ballenger Motorsports

A web site where automotive connectors and harnesses can be purchased.

Big Bad Tech

An excellent source of electronic information.