While studying the sub-systems of automobiles, I have compiled the following list of knowledge, standards, regulations, and/or skills that an automobile mechanic/technician needs to understand or at a minimum have familiarization with:


In an effort to make cars more efficient, electronics and computers have been heavily integrated into the modern automobile. This section will help you get up to speed on electronics.

Four Stroke Gasoline Engine

Understanding the Four Stroke Engine is one of the necessary basics before one can properly diagnose automobile issues.


On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) II introduced in the mid-'90s is in most cars on the road today. Its main purpose to have make our daily drivers more reliable, more fuel efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

Control Systems

A brief introduction to Computer Control Systems.


The cooling system is one of the simplest systems in your automobile. Simple as it is, without it, your automobile would melt.


You should only allow ASE Certified mechanics/technicians to work on your car. Learn about what being ASE certified means.


In an effort to help you acquire the necessary tools to allow you to become a successful DIYers, this section of the web site will provide necessary information to allow you to determine what you need.

My Videos

A list of all of my videos.

Federal and State Emission Laws

Content in the works


Learn about how a car's driveline works.


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Purchasing a Car

I'll share some tips on how to evaluate a car before purchasing it.

Testing Aides

Online testing tools to help you in the field.