DIY Tools

As a DIYer, you will need good reliable, safe, and cost effective tools. But, being a DIYer, you can 'over' buy tools so that you don't save any money doing your own repairs. In addition, you will need to store, safeguard, and maintain these tools.

One alternative, is to acquire basic tools and then either utilize the shop on base or rent tools from AutoZone, of something equivalent. For me, I would rather have my own tools. To be honest, I hate loaning my tools out just as bad as I like to borrow tools. Therefore, I'd rather spend the money to have the necessary tool than to borrow it, but I do this at a cost. I might only have a tool that I use every ten years.

Unfortunately, talking about tool brands is like a religion to a great many people. In other words, it is a topics full of opinions. It is similar to discussing car makes, Ford vs Chevy, American vs Imports ... When reading my web site content and watching my videos, they contain my opinion. They are not absolute fact. I will be discussing what tools have worked for me. Your experience could be totally different or exactly the same. Therefore, please receive all the information I have to give with that mindset. I'm trying to help you with what I have experienced.

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